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Roof repair often becomes an emergency, especially in case of storm damages. It is your roof which protect everything inside your home or commercial property, including furniture, home appliances, and other important belongings. But the urgency of the situation may be something that scammers can take advantage of. So in order to stay safe from roofing scams, here are 3 tips that Dallas residents may successfully use:

  1. Be very cautious about the so-called “storm chasers”, namely self-proclaimed roofers who, in fact, cannot provide any customer references or proof of real work done. You can check if their phone numbers or license plates are out of state.
  2. Beware of roofers who provide a very low initial quote. They may keep increasing the initial quote, claiming that unforeseen circumstances occurred or that the materials’ prices have suddenly increased. Although prices for roofing materials can certainly fluctuate, you should always ask for evidence of the increase from the part of the supplier before you accept your roofer’s claim.
  3. Stay away from roofers who offer to install the roof for free, claiming that the insurance company will actually do the payment in your place. This means that the roofer make submit two invoices –a lower invoice to you, and a higher invoice to the insurance company they work with.  Look to quality trusting roofers such as