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    Home Exterior Services CLC Roofing

    Winter is coming and we are preparing to close the windows left wide open during the summer. Now it is time to do a little overhaul to make sure your home doesn’t suffer from heat loss in the cold season. If you have noticed that lately your double glazed windows no longer offer the same degree of thermal and sound insulation, or the handle or hinges of these windows no longer work as at the beginning, then it is recommended to consider repair services before the coming of winter.

    Here’s what to look out for:

    Check the inner and outer gaskets

    If the gaskets do not seal well, you may experience water infiltrations at the corners of the windows.

    Check the drain holes

    During winter, condensation and the freeze/ thaw cycle is very common. The carpentry of the windows is provided with several drain holes that help to eliminate the excess moisture. Unfortunately, they often become clogged and a lot of moisture remains inside the structure.

    Control the hardware fixing screws

    Grease window hardware

    Hardware is the mechanical part of a window and one of the most important elements that ensure its optimal functionality and durability. It can be easily maintained using special cleaning oil that you can purchase from specialty stores.

    Clean the windows

    Cleaning before winter comes is important not only for the aesthetics of your residence, but also to ensure maximum natural light during the season with the shortest days.

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