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    Most people love the pitter patter of rain on a tin roof, but the sound of the rain isn’t the only reason to consider a metal roof for your home.
    CLC Roofing is experienced in installing many types of metal roofing, and the benefits of metal roofing are something that all educated consumers should consider. Below are some of the reasons that customers choose metal roofs over traditional shingles.

    • Durability: Metal Roofs are long lasting, fire proof and designed to withstand high winds. In the DFW metroplex, high winds are a given, and as such, many of our customers are benefiting from metal roofs. In addition, metal roofs eliminate the homeowners chance of leaks and on going roof repairs.
    • Energy Efficient/ Environmentally Friendly: Metal roofs reflect the sun and block heat from entering your attic. Homeowners benefit from 20-40% in lower energy costs. Furthermore, many manufacturers are now using recyclable material which benefits the environment.
    • Appearance: Metal roofs can resemble traditional shingles or tiles as well as the typical standing seam roof (an upturned edge of metal that connects the piece to adjacent pieces). The roofs come in a variety of colors and styles allowing the consumer many choices when making their roofing decision.
    • Cost: The initial cost of a metal roof is higher than a traditional shingle roof; however, the long term benefits including low maintenance and lower energy costs make a metal roof something that all customers should consider when deciding on a roof for their home.


    CLC Roofing wants to educate you on the best roofing solutions for your home as well as guide you in your roofing decision. Not sure if a metal roof is right for your home? Contact