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    Cute Baby Sparrow on Rooftop

    Cute and funny if you look at them from a distance, birds can become pests, when it comes to your home. Whether we talk about sparrows, pigeons or other species, these uninvited guests can slowly but surely destroy your roof. They make nests under the insulation, under the eaves, in the chimney or directly on the tiles, and it seems almost impossible to get rid of them.

    And this is not even the worse part: besides birds, there are various animals that cause damage to the roofs in Texas.  If this has happened to your home, call in a roofing contractor immediately to rectify the situation.


    They are so cute, yes, but not all people know that these lovely rodents may cause havoc in your home: they contaminate everything with their droppings, they spread parasites and are able to damage building materials and even the structure of the house. The roof is no exception. Squirrels love to stay in the attic, they gnaw through wood structure, chew on vent pipes, their urine is pungent and you will surely feel their presence as a nuisance.


    These animals seem harmless, but they may spread disease. They are destructive by nature, they like to dig through garbage and dumpsters and may take residence in your attic or chimney, where they contaminate the area, tear up insulation materials and even rip holes in the roof.

    Have your roof inspected annually and reinforce the roof barrier periodically, to keep away those unwelcomed guests and the problems they cause.