Avoid mistakes with irving roofing

Repairing a roof shingle is quite easy, but it still requires a pair of skilled hands from Irving roofing professionals and information about mistakes that are bound to happen if you are not careful enough.

The most common mistake you can do is using mismatched shingles. Even if you have a few spare shingles from the original roof installation, their color will not be the same with the shingles that stayed on the roof for a few years, while being exposed to sunlight, rain and temperature changes. The result of using mismatched singles is visual incongruity and it will affect the curb appeal of the building, so you will have to choose carefully the replacing shingles.

If the shingles you replace are curled, you may not be able to resolve the problem by simply replacing them with new ones. Curled roofing materials typically indicate problems with roof ventilation (inadequate airflow in the attic), and they must be fixed, otherwise shingles will continue to be damaged prematurely.

A cracked shingle must not necessarily be replaced; it can be repaired by applying roofing sealant under the crack, pressing down the shingle and applying another layer of sealant and spread it over the top of the crack.