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    Hot Climates

    Texas can be much warmer than most areas of the country, but that doesn’t mean you should sit in your home and melt away while your AC is working at full blast. The following cool roof ideas will help you avoid that problem, decrease the temperature inside your house and avoid huge electricity costs during the summer.


    One of the best approaches to cool roof installation is the use of high quality metal as an important and affordable roofing material. Metal is extremely flexible when it comes to adapting it to low-budget, high durability or high energy efficiency roofing solutions. Metal panels featuring high reflectivity coating layers can be among the best choices for cooling down your Texas home.


    Roofing solutions with smart and efficient ventilation systems can also be included among the top best cool roof ideas for Texas. Ventilation is key to keeping your home cool, even if the type of roof you’re using isn’t so readily suited to a cool roof design.


    Consider also checking solar reflectivity charts that can tell you which colors to use. Colors like Award Blue and Charcoal Gray might seem to have a good level of reflectivity, but they are in fact far inferior to Almond, Shasta White and Zinc Cote, which have some of the highest solar reflectivity intexes of all  modern color options used in metal roof manufacturing today.


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