Siding and Roofing Job

When it comes to durability, weather resistance and a host of other important benefits, aluminum and fiber cement siding (also known as concrete siding) are two of the major types of materials used in exterior home remodeling. They can both be extremely stylish and versatile, allowing for many color options and being typically easy to install. But which one of them is the best option?


Here are a few of the advantages that set fiber cement apart as possibly the best siding there is – even better than most aluminum siding products:


  • Even though aluminum can be designed like wood, its colors fade and curb appeal makes the difference when it comes to showcasing the superiority of fiber cement. Concrete siding looks great from the street, and your neighbors will have a hard time determining that it’s not genuine wood, it is preferred by an experienced Dallas roofing company providing the best for their clients.
  • Metal siding seems durable, and under normal conditions it is. However, unlike aluminum, concrete siding doesn’t dent, and its lifespan is far superior.
  • The setup of fiber cement isn’t too difficult, and there isn’t a lot of maintenance that will be required. As a homeowner, you can get away without replacing planks, repainting or repairing your fiber cement siding for a very long time.


So here you have it; the main differences between aluminum and fiber cement show that the latter is clearly superior. Despite being slightly more expensive, the price difference cannot account for the striking improvement that concrete siding will bring to your home over time.