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    Birds Can Damage A Roof

    The birds of the sky might be great to watch and you might be happy to have them around in your garden, but you must also be aware that your feathered friends can be very harmful for your roof. Here are some of the dangers that your roof is exposed to in the presence of birds:

    • Corrosion – bird droppings are very acidic and acid can seriously harm the surface of your roof, whatever material it is made from. According to recent studies, the life expectancy of a roof that gets frequent visits from bird flocks can be reduced by half;
    • Gutter clogging and water damage – birds prefer to build their nests in areas where they feel comfortable, so if they love your roof, they will want to build their nests there, ask a roofer to clean the gutters annually. They seem to have special preference for drain pipes and gutters – they usually pick a dry period and they build their nests somewhere underneath the roof or directly into the gutter pipes. When the dry period is over and it starts raining, the nests transform into clogs in the gutter pipe that obstruct the way of the rain water, preventing it from draining properly and causing serious water damage;
    • Fire hazards – birds build their nests from materials that pose increased risk of catching fire, such as twigs, dry leaves, feathers and other natural materials that can catch fire easily if they are placed next to electrical wires. Bird nests are often found in chimneys and in vents as well – areas that need to be kept clean all the time to ensure the safety of the home.