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    Ice Formation On Roofing

    Ice formation on the roof is potentially dangerous and owners must do their best to prevent it. When winter sun partially melts the snow on the roof and then it gradually freezes again, ice will make its appearance in the form of ice dams or icicles. Ice can also form because spaces in the attic or under the roof are not well insulated, and the heat from inside the building melts the snow. And when the water freezes again and clogs the spaces normally designed for drainage, it can start causing different problems.

    What is the best solution against roof ice damage?

    Traditionally, homeowners manually remove the snow from their roofs to prevent ice formation. However, this is not always easy, nor safe. Nowadays, there are automatic de-icing systems that exempt you from any effort in cleaning the snow with rudimentary means and assuming high risks. Protecting your roof from ice formation is now safe, easy and permanent and you will not have to worry anymore about the structural and functional integrity of your house as a whole.  Hire professionals with experience in roofing in Dallas TX homes to prevent ice formation in the first place.

    Here are the main advantages of a de-icing system:

    • It completely eliminates the accumulation of snow on the roof and the formation of ice dams and icicles
    • It prevents deterioration of the pluvial system
    • It allow water resulted from snow melting to drain properly and efficiently
    • It prevents damage and unfortunate accidents that ice may cause (roof leaks, falling icicles etc.).