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    An important aspect of any home roofing system is the amount and type of insulation in your attic. Even the best shingles can still absorb and retain heat that will seep into your home if you don’t have proper insulation. Insulation comes in many varieties from a fiberglass mat to loose fill that can be blown in the attic. Often homeowners recognize it by the “pink” stuff that gets all over their items stored in the attic.


    Many homeowners mistakenly believe that the amount of insulation is the only factor in reducing their energy bills, but even if you have an attic full of insulation, if it isn’t efficient, the attic temperatures will still soar as will your energy bills. It is very important that your roofing system is evaluated as a whole by a roofing professional to determine the right insulation for your roofing needs.


    CLC Roofing partners with Owens Corning when it comes to insulation and energy efficient roofing materials. Their long time partnership allows CLC to not only offer the best quality in insulation products but an extended warranty on many of the materials that Owens Corning offers.


    Most importantly, CLC Roofing understand the needs for an energy efficient home and how it helps the homeowner enjoy his home more throughly. Contact CLC Roofing today for more information on making your home energy efficient and a free roof and attic check. CLC Roofing 1-800-810-2521