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If you want to make substantial savings on bills, but also to protect yourself from the weather and heat loss, it is time to consider insulating your attic. It is a necessary operation that does not necessarily have to be done with expensive materials. According to specialists, a well-insulated attic can bring savings of 20 – 50% to the family budget, and you will get these benefits if you make a smart investment.

Types of insulation suitable for uninhabited attics

  • Expanded or extruded polystyrene is the most used in attic insulation processes, being also the most advantageous in terms of costs.
  • Mineral wool – glass, as well as basalt – is just as effective, but more expensive. This is because it does not burn or maintain fire, and, in addition, pests are less likely to penetrate this type of insulation.

Types of insulation for inhabited attics

In addition to polystyrene and mineral wool that you can also use to insulate an inhabited attic, you can opt for materials such as polyurethane foam or cellulose fibers.

An assessment of your attic insulation needs should be made on-site, by a specialist. The Flower Mound Roofer will be the one to check the condition of the existing insulation – in case there is one, installed in the past -, the areas to be repaired, the condition of the roof or the existence of a waterproofing membrane. The most suitable material should also be chosen based on the advice received from the specialist.