With its population of over 1,240,000 and a population density of over 3,600 people per square mile Dallas is a huge, bustling and diverse metropolis and also a young city, with only 8.6% of the population aged over 65. The city’s young and dynamically developing population is highly educated as well – over 74% of the locals are high-school graduates and over 30% have a college degree.

Dallas is an exciting and cosmopolitan city, with many different nationalities living peacefully here, each of them adding their own contributions to the city’s diversity. Hispanic and Latino people make up over 40% of the city’s populations and there is also a large community of Asian people, including Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese communities. Around one quarter of the population is African American and there is a significant American Indian community as well.

Dallas is also one of the fastest growing cities in the nation – if the current trend of growth continues, Dallas will have one million more inhabitants by 2020. The principle factor that motivates such quick-paced growth is economic development – many major global corporations have moved to the Dallas-Fort Worth area and have created jobs in all industries present in the area, which includes some of the best in Dallas roofing industry as well.