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    DIY Roof Repair Project

    Roofing projects are not to be handled by DIY enthusiasts on their own. Roofing work is dangerous and chances are that amateur roofer lacks the specialized experience or the tools to be able to fix, replace or install their own roofs properly. Even a long time Dallas roofing contractor implements safety training.  Here are a few of the major pitfalls of DIY roofing work:

    • The risk of accidents – if you are not comfortable working at heights and you don’t use the right type of safety equipment, including non-slip shoes, safety straps and harnesses, you risk getting severely injured up there;
    • Work performed improperly – roofing work that looks great after it is finished is not necessarily durable as well. Improperly performed work can lead to the appearance of mold not only underneath the roof, but in the entire house as well and in extreme cases it can also cause the entire roof to age faster or to collapse;
    • Unnecessarily high costs – DIY roofing work usually costs much more than the same work done by a professional. Though many homeowners think that they can save on labor costs doing the roofing job themselves, in reality, they will probably end up paying more because of the inaccurately calculated material quantities or the materials that the inexperienced roofer ruins during the work and that need to be bought again.