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    Commercial building owners have a unique set of issues when dealing with a roof purchase. Probably the most common is that often commerical buildings have flat roofs. Flat roofs offer a unique set of problems when dealing with water and hail and they are very prone to leaks. That is why it is very important to do your research and understand the best options for your roofing needs.


    Traditionally, built up roofs have been the mainstay for commercial buildings with flat roofs. A built up roof has multiple layers of a roll type base material with hot asphalt applied in between them. A layer of gravel is added to the top layer to shield the roofing material from the sun. Although this is the least expensive option, it is also no better than a short term solution and prone to leaks.


    An energy efficient and virtually leak proof solution for flat roofs are PVC membranes. PVC membranes are made from a very flexible vinyl similar to rubber. When installed properly, they are considered hail resistant and custom flashings for every piece of the roofing material greatly reduces the chances of leaks. Many of the PVC membranes come in white which reflect heat and many of them are Energy Star rated.


    PVC membranes come in various size rolls which are either glued down or mechanically attached with screws and washers. Then, the seams are heat welded together to form one big seamless membrane. Applying the PVC over insulation board adds to the energy efficiency of your business and keeps it virtually leak free. Another advantage of PVC membrane is that with its quick and easy installation, the roofing process will do little to interfere with the day to day operations for your business.


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