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    We hate to see people get ripped off or taken advantage of and unfortunately it seems to happen a lot in this industry. Scams come in all forms. There are some big ones like this that get lots of attention and smaller ones that you hear less about.

    Either way it is important to protect yourself from businesses that don’t actually have your best interests at heart. The best way that you can do this is to do your research. Talk with the company, check out their track record, and see exactly what other people have said about them.

    At CLC Roofing we pride ourselves on our quality work and being the best roofers in Dallas. We are happy to talk with you and show you all the reasons we are the best choice for you. We don’t blame you for doing your research, in fact we encourage it. roofing scheme in Dallas-Fort Worth takes homeowners’ insurance, doesn’t deliver new roofs | Watchdog | Dallas News In the midst of the crime spree that is today’s Texas roofing industry, we now find one of the region’s great roofing schemes of all time.

    Almost a hundred homeowners in Arlington, Fort Worth and Dallas that we know of lost a combined total of $400,000 they paid for new roofs in hail damage insurance claims. They won’t see their money. They won’t get their roofs. And most likely, there are many more victims.

    Most of them are Hispanic and low-income, some elderly, often in modest homes. In other words, those least able to afford a loss. See more…


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