Home Roof Inspection

Looking to prevent roof damage from affecting your commercial building and costing you thousands of dollars worth of repairs? These quick and simple tips should help you out:


  1. Does the roof have active guarantees? If so, you might want to avoid tampering with it and call on a professional contractor to perform the inspection – preferably the contractor who helped install the roof in the first place.
  2. Check building records and talk to the previous owners of the building to find out about any common, recurring problems that you should look out for.
  3. Inspect the roof’s interior system or have a Dallas roofing expert do it for you. What you’re looking for is signs of rust, rotting, corrosion or any other forms of weaknesses that could affect the roof’s structural integrity in the long run.
  4. Inspect the building envelope and the rooftop. Are there any visible signs of damage? Can you detect any cracks or other damage in building fixtures around corners or in the area of the flashing or gutters? Also, check whether there is any debris or signs of water pooling on the rooftop.
  5. Finally, inspect any roof-based accessories or equipment that could have had a hand in causing the structural damage you found on your roof.


You’ll find many of these tips to come in handy when you just bought a new building and you have no idea about the roof’s history or where to start searching for possible damage.