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    If you have trees around your home, there’s always a risk that the wind might blow a little too hard and cause them to fall and hit your home. Even a loose tree branch can do a lot of damage if it falls on your roof or hits one of your upstairs windows. To make sure that doesn’t happen, you need to check for unstable trees and read up on the trees you own to learn more about how resilient they might be.  You also need to have roofers in Flower Mound do a thorough roof inspection to make sure not damage has occurred.


    Getting the right information about trees can be done by studying some books on botany and gardening, as well as by looking up articles and videos online. Try to find out more about how resilient and flexible your trees’ trunks and branches might be and how easily the wind could cause them to break or fall. It could be a good tip to check local statistics on the types of trees that are most likely to be damaged by storms.


    The next step is to check your trees for weak spots and damage. They might have been hit by lightning a while ago, or strong wings might have weakened some of the thicker branches that are dangerously close to your roof. It’s good practice at this point to consider removing the branches and creating some sort of support for the tree to prevent it from being damaged any further. If it’s an older or a diseased tree, however, you can also consider having it removed.