Things To Consider roofing company clc roofers

Roofing is, in many ways, a business like any other, one that has great, honest and reputable contractors as well as scammers. Roofing scammers and unprofessional roofers operate with a few simple tricks that any homeowner should know about – here are some common scamming methods:

  • Asking for a substantial amount of cash upfront – if a roofer asks you to pay the entire price of the roof or a substantial percentage of it in advance, you should avoid working with that roofer, this is not standard or accepted procedure in the roofing business;
  • A roofer who appears at your doorstep right after a storm – these people are called storm chasers for a reason – they appear right after the disaster, when the owner of the devastated home is still in a state of shock and they try to sell either overpriced services or services that the homeowner does not need;
  • The lack of license and insurance – roofers can work legally only if they are properly licensed and insured and only if their license and insurance are issued for the state in which they work. Checking these credentials is a very important step that you should never neglect when looking for a roofer, start with