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    North Texas is currently experiencing a huge shortage in qualified workforce, and Dallas is right in the middle of it all. A look at the Dallas skyline isenough to get a rough estimate of just how many large commercial and residential construction projects are currently underway, and experts say the city’s growth will only accelerate in the next few years.


    So, the environment is ripe if you’re a qualified (or even unqualified) construction worker looking for a well-paid job. But what can you do to find the best hiring companies? Here are a few quick tips:


    • If you’re fresh out of school or just finished an apprenticeship program, consider starting by increasing your experience with a good internship. Find a Dallas roofing company that has been in business a long time, and start there. You’ll get massive amounts of work experience, and you’ll get to call the shots on your next job.
    • Renew your resume, get all the references you can find, and wear a convincing smile for your next interview. Backed up by your experience and equipped with a full dose of self-confidence, you can be sure that you’ll land a great job in Dallas.
    • If you have an advantage (such as a rare specialization or more than 5 years of experience in your field of expertise) push for more benefits, and don’t settle for the first company that comes along. Even if it were hard to find a better offer, chances are the companies you’re negotiating with will give you something better just to avoid losing you.