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    You have been putting it off but you finally decided it’s time to reroof your house. Putting it off any longer leads to more damages and could end up costing you even more money. So the time has come. Where do you start? How do you go from reading this blog to a brand new roof on your home?

    At CLC Roofing we are ready and happy to help you through the process of getting your new roof put on and you are a step ahead because you already know the best roofing company in Dallas.

    Reroofing my House 10 Steps to Success

    The day has come, you know you can’t go another year with that tired old roof. Where do you start?

    1, Before you start making calls to local roofing contractors, you need to be organized. Get a binder with pockets so you can slip brochures, contracts and proposals, addresses of roofs you like and papers with notes, phone numbers, etc..

    2, Think about your wants and needs for doing the roof. Write them down.  Write down your concerns, protecting your landscaping, what do I do with my pets, time frame to getting the roof done. Include color and type of roofing you like.

    3, Take time to drive around your neighborhood and see the types of roofing you like. These can be colors and styles you wont be able to identify but creating a list of these home addresses you like, you can now provide your roofers your choices to bid the project. He will be appreciated the list and will or I should say. . . . should know what types of roofs these are and be able to share the pros and cons of them.

    4, Do step 3 again during a different time of day since the lighting will change the look of the roof. A roof in the morning can look totally different in the evening.

    If you are ready for a new roof on your home give us a call today.