Storms rolled through North Texas in the past few days, and strong winds and hail where reported throughout the metroplex. Below is a map of the hardest hit areas. Prosper in particular bore the brunt of the storm

10map1-300x300As you can see, the damage was extensive in many areas. What does a roof look like after a hail storm? Below are some pictures from one of CLC’s many corporate clients.

bankhail-300x224The blue circles highlight holes in the roof that can become bigger problems later if left untreated. Damaged shingles can result in leaks but more importantly a weakening of the roof itself. When your roof has been compromised, your energy bills can increase as well as the underlying structure of the roof making for more extensive costly repairs to your home later. Reason one why it is so important to have a trusted roofing company like CLC Roofing inspect your roof after a big storm.

bankhail2-300x224Indentations in the metal portion of the roof might seem like only a cosmetic issue; however these indentations give an indication to the extent of hail and size of the hail that fell during the storm. They are pieces of the puzzle in determining your roof’s ability to withstand a large storm and how much storm damage occureed.

CLC Roofing can provide valuable guidance when it comes to roof and home maintenance. Our team of licensed insurance adjustors can walk you through the process of roof assesment to handling the red tape of insurance claims. Storm season is upon us in North Texas. Consider calling CLC Roofing today for a roof well check. Our number is 800-810-2521.