Is your roof ready? CLC Roofing is committed to providing you with timely information when it comes to the spring season of Texas thunderstorms and hail. Did you know that hail damages your home’s roof in ways that you might not immediately realize? This is the primary reason that insurance companies are willing to replace roofs immediately following a hail storm.

Most roofs are built with shingles to last twenty or thirty years; however hail cracks, dents and punctures shingles significantly shortening this time period. Often the damage doesn’t cause an immediate leak, but the weakening of the roofing material will cause energy loss and result in leaks and water damage over time.




CLC Roofing’s team of dedicated professionals are here to help you determine and asses the extent of damage to your roof after a storm. A solid roof adds value to your home, prevents additional maintenance issues, and can save you money on energy bills in the long run!





Throughout this post, there have been examples of typical damage to a roof after a hail storm, please don’t delay in calling CLC Roofing at 800-810-2521 for a free roof evaluation.