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    Recent storms that tore through the metroplex last week have kept CLC Roofing extremely busy, but it is important that whether you are a current CLC client, past CLC client or were just affected by the hail and strong winds that you call CLC Roofing and have your roof checked. Below are some pictures of roof damage from the recent storms. This could be YOUR roof. Don’t delay! Leaks cause moisture which causes mold in the heat and humidity of the summer! Make sure your roof is secure-call CLC Roofing.


    House in Cottonwood Valley, Irving.


    Warped shingles from wind damage.


    Damage around flashing for ventilation can cause leaks.


    A shingle ripped off from high winds.

    Don’t let this be your roof! Call CLC Roofing at 800-810-2521.