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    heat loss attic insulation roofing ventilation

    It is already known that a house which is not thermally insulated will quickly lose heat in the cold season, regardless of the heating system implemented. This translates into frequent temperature variations that cause thermal discomfort, but also in increasing the value of the energy bills.

    Did you know that a house can lose up to 35% of its heat through the uninsulated ceiling? It will record heat losses of up to 25% through uninsulated walls, 20% through uninsulated floors and windows and another 25% due to air currents. The heat always goes to the cold, uninsulated surfaces, and, in this way, the temperature inside the house decreases, and the need for thermal agent increases.

    If we saw comparative thermal images of an insulated and a non-insulated house, we could observe the massive heat losses of the latter. The uninsulated house, seen through a thermal camera, will be colored in shades of yellow, orange and red – a sign that it radiates heat and therefore loses it. A properly insulated house, seen through the same camera, will be colored in shades of blue, which means that it keeps the heat inside.

    To make sure there are no heat loses during the winter, you must take into account the following:

    • appropriate and efficient insulation of the house;
    • preventing cold air currents from entering the building;
    • the correct choice of the size and type of windows, or their insulation in the cold season.

    Talk with Flower Mound roofing contractors to do a thorough inspection of your attic insulation and roofing to eliminate high energy bills.