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    asphalt shingles roofing color tips contractor selection

    Certain roof colors and materials can be good for filtering out certain frequencies of solar radiation, while others will block out visible sunlight as well as UV and other forms of radiation. In most cases, harmful UV rays are the ones that penetrate your roof’s defenses and transform into heat in the summer. Understanding how some roofing colors and materials filter out or reflect the sunlight will help you choose the best ones for your roof along with expert advice from a roofing contractor Dallas hosts.


    Lighter colors typically reflect light, while darker ones absorb it. You’ll learn this in just about any physics class that deals with the science of nature, and the science behind it is not that difficult to understand. However, it’s also important to know how a combination of certain colors and materials might help or hinder your efforts of keeping your home in a stable temperature.


    For instance, if you get a metal roof in a cool or reflective color set, then that will help keep your home cool a lot more efficiently than most other materials in the same colors. Metal is highly reflective and capable of protecting your home even against certain invisible rays in the spectrum, instead of just focusing on a narrow set of frequencies. Metal coatings work similarly, although perhaps less efficiently than metal panels or regular sloped metal roofing systems.