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    Home With Matching Roof

    Matching your roof with your home’s exterior can be tricky. If you want to install a new roof, you usually look for methods to improve its practical value, so you might choose a light colored roof to prevent heat from entering your home, while ignoring the high contrast appearance of your home as a result.


    Fortunately, there are ways to prevent such problems and to make sure your roof color will fit harmoniously with your siding, masonry or any other exterior wall cover.


    If you want to achieve great results, choose slate, concrete or metal roofing materials. Some of the roofing products you find might be expensive, but they will look and feel great. Best of all, aside from their remarkable life span and practical benefits, you get a lot of color options to choose from.


    Another great recommendation would be to opt for darker, neutral colors. These can include darker, grayish green or blue, or they can simply be limited to the gray scale. An experienced local Dallas roofing company can provide you some options to consider.


    Finally, avoid roof colors that clash with or match your neighbors’ roof colors, and consider using warmer tones if your siding is warm colored and cooler tones if it’s cool. Warm and cool color combinations can work occasionally, but you have to be very careful not to create too much contrast or too great a chromatic difference between your main colors.