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    Texas Heat

    Dealing with the heat in Texas can be difficult, especially if you have a roof that can easily be affected by the sun. The Dallas heat is especially bad, and you’ll find many locals have a lot of stories about having to fix their roofs shortly after it was installed in the summer, because of the damage caused by the intense sun rays and radiant heat from the sun.


    The most straightforward means of protecting your roof is by employing proper maintenance practices and have your roof inspected at least once every year. Most roofing experts will recommend that you have a specialized Dallas roofing contractor visit your home twice per year for inspections and to determine whether or not any repairs are needed.


    Use reflective materials such as metal sheets to reflect the light of the sun, ensuring ideal protection for your roofing system. Although metal is light and durable, and it works wonders when it comes to keeping your home cool, it can be somewhat less aesthetic, especially if you have a beautiful slate roof that you’d like to show off.


    If your roof can take the heat, and you’re just looking to lower energy expenses and heat inside your home, cutting edge roof insulation barriers exist today that are designed to prevent the radiant heat from the sun from penetrating through the roof and decking to make its way into your attic. This type of barrier is installed on the interior of the attic, preventing heat from entering your home and causing ventilation issues.