Roofers Working With HOA Guidelines

Living in an HOA community usually requires obeying some general rules. Because HOA means a homeowner’s association, it basically is a planned community that makes and enforces rules for the community’s residents. Usually, these members and residents buy a home within the community.

Anny HOA usually has a background paper named” the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs)” which may include structural restrictions minor selections. If you decided to fix or replace your roof but your home is a part of an HOA, you will need to check this paper because it usually also outlines some penalties for breaking these restrictions, such as fees, forced compliances or even litigations.

Even though the houses don’t look identical, they may have similar styles or roofing materials. Many HOA covenants will specify a particular roofing style, color, and material in order to keep a harmonious appearance. In this case, any roof replacement requires a written agreement by the HOA. If you want other roofing material or style than those included in the CC&Rs you have to send a request to the HOA and they will decide if it is suitable.  Many of the roofers in Dallas work with the HOA and know the guidelines required.  Try to explore as many options as you can and be patient with the whole approval process. You can also try to work with a roofer who is familiar with HOAs