Keep Roofing In Great Condition

Most commercial roofs are flat and this type of roofs need to be periodically examined to determine their overall condition that influences their performance.

Maintenance can be provided upon request by a licensed roofing specialist, but if we are talking only about normal conditions of exploitation, protection or minimal maintenance, these operations can also be  handled by the building owner.

If you want to extend the life of a commercial roof and prevent possible degradation, we recommend that you follow some simple maintenance rules that are in  your best interest:

  • If you must install some equipment on the roof (for example air conditioning units) that might pierce the waterproofing membrane, it is recommended to contact a roofer once you are done, to perform an inspection and make the necessary repairs. Remember that any equipment installed on a flat roof should be put on protective supports, precisely to prevent damage to the structure of the roof membrane.
  • Schedule annual roof inspections with a Dallas roofing contractor to identify potential water leaks, loose or damaged roofing material, clogged gutters and other problems.
  • It is good to have easy access to the roof, to be able to swipe its surface regularly, especially in autumn when flat roofs are prone to accumulate  the greatest amount of dry vegetation, which may prevent water from evaporating completely or flow down the roof through gutters and downspouts.
  • Do not perform any work on the roof that could cause mechanical, thermal or chemical damage to the waterproofing membrane.