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    How To Know If Roofing Damage Should Be Repaired

    One of the misconceptions related to roofing that cause the most serious damage and incur the highest costs is that roofing damage needs to reach a certain level of severity to be repairable. This cannot be further from the truth – in fact, no roof damage is small enough to be neglected and even the smallest sign of damage deserves attention. Here are some types of roof damage that might seem like small issues at first, but tend to aggravate quickly:

    • Gutter issues – water-soaked debris consisting of dust, feathers, animal hair, dried leaves, twigs and nuts that tends to accumulate inside gutter pipes and downspouts might seem insignificant, but in fact it can cause damage to the roof, to the building’s basement and to the gutters themselves. Fortunately, the clogs are easy to remove;
    • Shingles that no longer have surface granules – the granules on the shingles form the weatherproofing layer on the material. The shingles that no longer have the granules are exposed to the weather and are likely to develop leaks, so they need to be replaced as soon as possible;
    • Cracked material – clay tiles are very strong materials, but they are also brittle and sensitive to impact. If you notice a crack in any of your tiles, replace it before water in through the crack.

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