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    Dallas Roofing Companies Describe How To Prepare Roof From Hail

    Hail damage cannot be entirely prevented, but you, as the owner and dweller of the home, can do a lot to mitigate it. Here are some tips for you about how to prepare your home for hailstorms:

    • Start preparing the property in time – pick a calm, warm day and inspect the roof to see whether any repair is needed, if you can’t do it safely call one of the local Dallas roofing companies to do it. Replace broken or damaged components, inspect the gutters and the downspouts and fix the damage that you find, too. Do not neglect any small defect – any tiny crack or issue can quickly turn into a major problem in the presence of hail stones;
    • Maintain your landscape – trees and shrubs also need protection to be able to stand up to hail and dead branches represent a potential hazard for your building, too (they can be blown into your windows and doors), so they are best removed. Keep the vegetation in your garden healthy and strong and cut dry branches to prevent accidents. You should replace gravel and stone pathways with a safer material, such as shredded bark;
    • Move your outdoor furniture – take your patio or garden furniture and other, moveable objects, such as grills and move them into the house or into a shed when you hear that a storm is announced in the weather forecast.