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    hire roofing company for roof leak from heavy rain

    When leaks and infiltrations appear during a heavy rainstorm, it means that the roof got some damage that made it lose its protective properties. Roof leaks are something nobody wants to deal with, as they ruin your personal comfort and cause damage to your indoor living space that may imply high renovation costs:

    • damage to the ceiling and walls in the upper rooms
    • the appearance of mold in the attic, generated by moisture, that can affect the health of those living in the house
    • water infiltration in the roof insulation layer, canceling its thermal properties
    • potential short circuits caused by electrical cables in contact with infiltrated water

    If during a heavy rainstorm you deal with a water leak infiltrated through the ceiling, your first concern must be to reduce the damage by collecting safely as much water as you can. There is nothing much else you can do until the rainstorm is gone, so focus on protecting your indoor environment. Additionally, contact a local roofer that provides emergency interventions which only the best Dallas roofing company offers. You will need a specialist to examine your roof carefully, identify the problems that allowed the leak and perform the repairs.

    You can also go to the attic and try to identify the place where the water enters; when it rains, it is easier to identify it. The entry point will not necessarily be above the place where you identify pooling water or wet insulation, as water can flow along beams or pipes before reaching the place that allows it to infiltrate in your living space.