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    Roof Pests Roofing Repair

    Pests are enemies of roofing systems, because they make their nests in sensitive areas, causing many troubles and can make you pay a lot of money on repairs.  Choosing the best Dallas roofing company with experience in roof pest repair is your best option and a way to save money.

    Roof rats

    They look for cozy and quiet attics, moving in when they find warm insulation. Unfortunately, they will destroy it and will also chew on wires. If you have holes, crumbled concrete, unsecured exhaust venting or even siding that is pulling back, make sure to fix these problems quickly, because roof rats can squeeze their way in even through tiny spaces.


    The wooden structure of the roof can be a heaven for termites, especially if it is old or unsealed properly. Make sure you check it periodically and do the necessary maintenance operations to prevent rotting wood, otherwise you may have to pay lots of money to get rid of these creepy pests.


    If you have gaps in eaves or poorly screened vents, you may end up with raccoons in your attic. Make the necessary repairs to stop their visits and call the pros if you must get rid of them.


    Snakes are good climbers and fit into tiny holes, so keeping them out for good requires some work to identify every potential entry point. Even if snakes that head for attics are typically not venomous, it is still terrible to know that they are there, not to mention that some of them are there to catch rats, which means that you have more than snakes in your attic!