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    commercial flat roof sunsine heat affects roofing

    There’s usually a lot of talk about regular, sloped residential roofing systems with regards to how they are affected by the elements. However, it’s a good idea to note that flat roofs don’t have any immunity either, especially when it comes to the damaging and destructive UV radiation that they are bombarded with each and every day.


    Sunlight, and most especially UV rays of a certain frequency can be absorbed by your flat roof and cause a lot of damage in the long run. Like a slow motion death ray, the sun will keep bombarding your roof with high energy photons that will cause severe degradation over time, if you don’t have the right coating added. Also, UV radiation can increase the heat inside the top floor of the building and the inner layer of your roof, creating condensation and leading to the early demise of your roof.


    The good news is these negative effects can be prevented. By talking to one of the Dallas roofing companies and deciding upon a cool roof design featuring UV-resistant coating and materials such as metal, PVC and solar panel roofing, which have excellent heat and UV-resistance, you can plan ahead based on the climate of your area and keep your investment protected with a sound, well-designed roof and proper roofing maintenance.