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Impact resistance is a very important feature in roof, especially if the building is situated in an area prone to frequent hailstorms. It is quite difficult to label a roofing material as “hail proof”, because this would be very hard to achieve, but you can classify it as Class 4 when it comes to the level of impact resistance (which is the highest level!).

Impact resistance is an important feature for roofs in North Texas, so purchasing products Class 4 rated reduces the risk of damage during a hail event, which means that your roof has better chances to remain intact and watertight.

Some of the roofing materials included in the Class 4 include cedar wood shakes, asphalt shingles, premium polymer roofing tiles, PVC single-ply membrane, liquid applied elastomeric membrane, synthetic roofing shingles, rubber roofing panels, stone-coated metal shingles etc.

Selecting the most suitable material for your roof is very important to achieve the best roof performance in hailstorms and high winds that may blow things off and make them fall on the roof.

Opting for impact resistant materials can also bring you significant insurance premium discounts. If you worry about not being able to afford the price of these materials, talk to a professional roofer in North Texas,  and you will discover there are actually impact resistant systems in various cost ranges.