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    House Chimney Maintenance

    Keeping most areas of your home in good shape is usually straightforward, since you can see what the problem is. If your roof has missing shingles, you know you need to have that problem fixed. If your old siding needs replacing, that’s also a relatively straightforward action to consider.


    Masonry chimney maintenance is a big deal in most homes. A broken or infested chimney can also cause a lot of other unwanted problems. However, when it comes to the structural integrity and “health” level of your chimney, things can get a little confusing.


    To make sure your chimney is in good order, check for cracks and spalling first. Such problems are easy to remedy, but they have to be addressed quickly, if you don’t want them to degenerate into something a lot worse. Spalling bricks or a cracked chimney crown can easily cost more than $1,000 to fix, so make sure you identify these problems in time.


    For adequate maintenance, apply a few coats of chimney sealer, and force it into the cracks. Use duct tape to keep the cracks under pressure until the sealer dries off. Another good maintenance tip is to spray the bricks with water repellent after removing the tape, in order to prevent further damage in the near future. Finally, you can go the extra mile by having a roofing contractor with expert services install a chimney cap designed to keep water and parasites out of the flue.