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    Insulation Installation by A Professional

    What do you know about your home insulation? If your answer involves R ratings and the materials that are used to manufacture the most solid, high quality home insulation, then you might already have a fair amount of information at your disposal. However, if you’re only just beginning to learn about home insulation and what it entails, then you’ve come to the right place.


    Home insulation is designed to be set up as an additional protective layer of your home. More than one standard layer of insulation is added when it comes to homes that are situated in areas where the weather gets colder. The thickness of the insulation is rated according to a special R-value rating, which  has a minimum value that changes depending on the climate and average temperature of the area you live in.


    So, people living in southern areas like Florida and Texas will typically require less insulation and a lower R-value because the area they live in is warmer. In contrast, if you live in places like Connecticut, Washington state or the southwestern part of Colorado, then you might need up to R60.


    Finally, there are several different types of insulation experts and roofers recommend you choose from. These include blanket insulation, made out of plastic or natural fibers, foam board insulation (polysterene, polyurethane and more), reflective systems, foam insulation, fiber insulation and structurally insulated panels.