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    Ladder Safety For Roofing Contractor

    When attempting a roofing DIY project, every homeowner must keep an eye on the safety measures taken, mostly when it comes to using a ladder. More often than not we tend to think that ladders are safe enough but they only are so if we follow some important steps.


    1. Make sure that the ladder is stable, don’t ever place it on uneven or wet ground, always make sure that it is well secured. Try to have someone helping you hold the ladder while climbing on it, if possible.
    2.  Make sure you are using the right type of ladder, step ladders might seem very secure as they hold themselves up, but they are not meant to be used for roofing DIY projects because they lack stability when you place yourself on the highest steps. Use an extension ladder instead!
    3. Don’t put yourself at risk by using an old or damaged ladder, inspect your ladder thoroughly before stepping on it, check for any signs of broken steps, cracks or other damage.
    4. Make sure you maintain 3 points in contact with the ladder at any time, let it be two hands and one foot or one hand and two feet. By doing two tasks at once you could think that you are saving yourself time, but you would be actually putting yourself at risk unnecessarily.  If you cannot do the job safely, call a professional roofing contractor Dallas has to do it for you.