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    Temperatures in the metroplex are already reaching triple digits. This summer is set to be a hot one, and hot summers mean very high energy bills. However, people with radiant barrier roof decking report lower energy bills and a cooler home. Radiant barrier decking is just another tool in making your home energy effiecient yet many people don’t understand how it works or even know how it could help them! CLC Roofing can explain how to make your home more energy efficient and help you save money.


    What is radiant barrier decking? Simply put, radiant barrier decking is a highly reflective piece of aluminum that is applied to the underside of your roof decking. When the sun hits your roof, instead of its heat being absorbed by your shingles and decking, it is reflected away. All that is well and good, but what does this do for you as a homeowner?


    Let’s take a look at a home without radiant barrier decking. When the roof absorbs the heat of the sun, the attic and its insulation heat up. Often attic venilation is based on air movement and as any Texan will tell you, there are some hot days in the Texas summer with no wind or air movement. Thus, current attic vents are only allowing more heat in and not giving much relief to the attic temperature as it continues to rise.


    As the attic heat increases, the heat radiates down into the living spaces of the home causing the air conditioner to kick on again with the home owner wondering how expensive this air conditioning bill will be.


    However, in a home with a radiant heat barrier, the attic temperature stays around 30% lower than a home without it. This means less heat in the living spaces and less air conditioning use. In other words, replacing your roof with a radiant heat barrier makes good economical sense.


    CLC Roofing can advise you on the options available when it comes to a radiant heat barrier for your home and roof. Call us for a home energy check and roof check today! Don’t get caught in the heat this summer! CLC Roofing 800-810-2521