Many homeowners are overwhelmed by the idea of a new roof for one reason-the cost! Yes, replacing a roof can be an expensive endeavor even with insurance covering the majority of the costs. Some disreputable roofers prey on homeowners promising them a “free” roof in exchange for advertising and promise to waive their insurance deductible. Sadly, this practice is not only illegal but puts the homeowners at risk for insurance fraud which is a felony!


So what should you be aware of before hiring a roofing contractor? First, know your deductible. This is the amount of money out of pocket that you will be required to pay for your new roof. The amount varies depending on your policy. If the deductible is something that you can’t pay outright, a reputable roofing company might give you financing options, but regardless of how it is paid, your insurance company will see this deductible. A less reputable company will find some way to “waive” this deductible but that puts you at risk for fraud since the insurance company expects you to be responsible for paying your deductible!


Things that you should watch out for when your roofer claims that you don’t need to pay a deductible.

1. Look at your invoice. Does it state clearly that the deductible was “waived” or “discounted?” It is illegal for the roofer to not disclose this information because the amount of the deductible determines how much the insurance company will pay for the roof.

2. Is your roofer offering an advertising agreement in exchange for your business and claiming that you won’t need to pay a deductible? The roofer is committing insurance fraud if he claims that he collected your deductible when in fact he has not. What is worse? By allowing this roofer to do this, you are committing insurance fraud as well, a felony!

3. If your roofer is willing to cut corners to make a profit at the expense of the insurance company, they are likely to cut corners on your roof as well to maximize the profit. Is that a risk that you are willing to take?



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