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    roofing springtime clear roof debris

    We live in nature and, as such, our homes are exposed to nature and the elements. A home is a big investment, and keeping the roof clean will save you money in the long run. Eventually, almost all roofing materials will experience Gloeocapsa magma growth, which is a roof algae that creates black areas on the roof ‘surface and also spreads very quickly and grows on any surface that has the ability to retain moisture. It “eats” on asphalt granules and composite tiles. Anyone with this type of roof knows that the loss of shingle granules is a sign of premature roof damage. Left uncontrolled, Gloeocapsa magma becomes a source of nourishment for moss and lichens that will eventually start growing on the roof and place their roots in the tiles around the granules.

    A roof must be cleaned periodically to avoid such problems.

    Homeowners tend to use cleaning methods and solutions that often cause more harm than good to their roof (e.g. using chemical agents, such as sodium hydroxide solutions). This is why, this spring, it is best to leave the roof cleaning in the hands of specialists. Their services include:

    • eradication of algae, moss, mold, lichens and bacteria
    • cleaning deposits of dust, mud, and soot
    • cleaning up dirt accumulated in the gutters and downspouts
    • cleaning up dirt and debris around the building
    • protecting the plants near the house from the action of the chemical agents used for cleaning
    • protecting walls, siding and garden furniture from the action of cleaning equipment and solutions

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