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    Understanding Roofing Systems In Dallas

    Most of assume that shingles are the one element of the roof that perform all the functions needed in order to keep your home dry and safe, it’s totally understandable due to the fact that they are the only element of the roofing system that is visible to the eye but there is more to it underneath and in this article we will expose the key components of any roofing system:

    1. Decking
    Also known as the skeleton of the roof, it is the structure that ties all the trusses and joists together. More often than not, shingle blow offs and roof failures are caused by inadequate decking, not poor quality shingles.

    2. Underlayment
    The underlayment represents a water/ice barrier to protect the wood underneath it from rotting due to moisture buildup.

    3. Ventilation
    It’s purpose is to ensure the air flow needed in order to emulate the external temperature on the roof proportionally, so that no hot spots are formed. This will prevent ice dams from forming and causing hazards.

    4. Shingles
    They don’t just add a nice finishing look to the roofing, but will also protect it against the elements for all the roofing in Dallas TX projects. There are two types of shingles, the starter shingles or starter strip which will secure the shingles to the roof, and the ridge and hip shingles which are the external ones.