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    The most prominent damage was created by ice dams, which form when ice buildup on the edge of a roof causes melting snow to back up and leak into a home.

    Even though this article is not from our area, they have good tips on preparing your roof for the rest of the year. This past winter created unpredictable weather patterns across the country and roofing was caught up in the middle of it. The past year was a good reminder that we must keep our homes safe and maintained at all times to prevent major damages.

    “If we can eliminate our heat loss, and make sure our attic space is properly ventilated that is really going to help,” Blanchette said. “We cannot in our area completely prevent ice dams, but that is going to be a great start.”

    As Dallas roofing contractors, we are no stranger to severe heat as well as ice and snow. When ice dams are created, they can cause more internal damage to your home than you think. Leaks within the attic can cause mold and have the potential to affect your electrical system. Creating proper forms of ventilation and insulation will help keep your home in good condition.

    Have you ever heard of heat tape? This is something that could also be helpful in keeping your mind at ease. Keeping your electrical systems safe is so important.

    Keeping your home safe and creating confidence in your maintenance plan will help protect your family no matter what weather comes our way. Getting this done sooner rather than later will help when the unexpected hits, and as we all know, Dallas can be known for this!

    He also suggests heat tape or deicing wires but recommends having a licensed electrician install them. Another option is using roof rakes to rake off as much snow as possible once a storm stops. Residents should avoid going up on their roofs because it is not safe, and their weight could actually cause more harm to the roof, Blanchette said.