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    Dallas Christmas Roofing Solutions

    Home owners know how dangerous snow can be, if it accumulates on a roof. Winters in Dallas are quite tolerable, but not free of problems specific to this season. When it snows, no matter how rough the roof surface, there is an imminent risk that the upper layers of snow that do not adhere to the layer below, will slip, becoming a real danger for those who pass under the eaves, for parked cars or for people who climb the roof attempting to do maintenance operations or repairs. In addition, the freeze thaw cycles can lead to other dangerous phenomena, such as ice dams and icicles.

    Security systems

    To prevent these problems, consider installing complete and professional roofing Dallas safety solutions such as snow guards and de-icing systems.

    Insulate the attic

    Add extra insulation to the attic, to prevent ice formation on the roof.

    Clean gutters and downspouts

    The drainage system must be cleaned before that arrival of the winter. Leaves, mosses, broken branches and other debris must be removed. Additionally, you can consider installing gutter guards and downspouts extensions can to send the water resulted from melting snow and ice as far away from the house as possible.