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Dallas is known for hot its summer weather – and the season has arrived! Unfortunately, sometimes it also brings storms with heavy rain falls, hail and blustery winds, which may be a recipe for disaster if you do not prepare your home for this.

You should know that, in terms of natural damage and catastrophe claims, Texas leads the nation, so there is no excuse to sit back and relax before doing your best to prevent hail damage and increase the chances that your home remains intact.

Check your roof

Schedule regular roof check-ups performed by professional roofers, to know the condition of your roof and what has to be done to improve its protective efficiency.

Invest in a better roof

The roof must be chosen according to the local climate. There are so many materials to choose from and some of them are manufactured exactly for withstanding weather phenomena like in Dallas: impact-resistant shingles, heavy and sturdy roofs resistant to high winds etc. If your existing roof is old and a new roof will be in order soon, consider upgrading to materials more efficient in the local climate.

Trim tall vegetation around the house

To make sure that your roof is going to withstand whatever storm season we are about to witness this year, make sure to protect it from tall trees than may grow above the roof or too close to it. You want to prevent tree branches from brushing against the edges of your roof, or falling directly on it, during a storm, as the damage can be severe.

For the best in roofing materials be sure to look at for the Dallas environment.