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    roofing storm season be prepared

    The storms in Dallas and the surrounding areas can be pretty strong and unpredictable. When the storm season hits, homes that aren’t equipped to deal with it will usually require a lot of repairs, and the roof is often the first thing to go.


    If you want your home and your roof to withstand the destructive force of Dallas storms, you have to take a few precautions. The first details to look at should be the following:


    1. Check your roof for damage and leaks, or better yet, have a professional roofer provide you with a detailed roof inspection so you’ll know what to address.
    2. Fix functional damages first. Find and fix any leaks and flashing damage, then move to repairing broken and cracked shingles, as well as replacing all the missing ones.
    3. Clean, unclog and repair your gutter system, if needed. The gutters are very important for guiding rainwater away from your roof and walls, so they should perform ideally in a storm.
    4. Fortify your roof, if possible. If it’s too old, have it replaced entirely. If it’s new, consider a few upgrades like installing a gutter guard for the gutters and replacing the old flashing with resilient, metal flashing.
    5. Consider any additional home improvements, such as replacing your old siding with new, metal siding or fiber cement.
    6. Think about getting hurricane grade windows that can not only help protect your home’s interior during a powerful storm, but also improve on your power consumption by acting as an added insulator.  Check reviews for an excellent Dallas roofing company to choose when you are in need of a roofer.