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    Reduce Energy Costs Roofing Insulation Company

    Roof insulation should be a really important topic for any homeowner. If your roof is not properly insulated, you will have to consume much more energy for heating or cooling your home.

    When we talk about a house, the most significant heat losses (over 30% of the total) occur through the roof. These losses generate very high energy costs, because the heating-cooling appliances are used more. For new constructions, the current legislation limits these losses by imposing a higher R value of (R representing the thermal resistance of the roof).

    New roof system are insulated and made from energy-efficient materials installed by a licensed Dallas roofing company. But if you have an old roof system, you will have to add insulation if you want to have better results in terms of energy efficiency. The insulating materials are mounted directly under the roof. To get maximum energy efficiency, you need to choose the right material. Its choice depends on a variety of operational parameters.

    • This indicator directly affects the degree of coverage of the heat transfer
    • Heat transfer. This parameter affects not only the porosity, but also the degree of moisture of the material
    • High quality insulation must not absorb moisture, otherwise the material must be pre-treated with special hydrophobic components
    • Fire and flammability class
    • Resistance to extreme temperatures
    • Environment protection
    • Sound insulation and sound absorption
    • Unfavorable environment for pests and dangerous microorganisms
    • Easy installation