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    Roofing Types And Options

    Everyone is talking about trends when it comes to everything, but the latest roof remodeling ideas are not always the best, neither for the functionality not for the aspect of the entire building.

    If you are ready for a change, here are some ideas to consider, but not before discussing them with CLC Roofing in Dallas a roofing specialist, to ensure they worth the investment:

    Install a cool roof

    We are increasingly preoccupied about energy efficiency, and a cool roof is a great solution, especially for buildings situated in very sunny areas. Cool roof materials are designed to reflect UV rays and prevent heat absorption, which will decrease the use of the air conditioner, thus lower the energy bills.

    There are several reflective materials and paints that you can choose from to install a nice looking roof which also makes your home more comfortable.

    Install solar shingles

    Solar shingles are an eco-friendly option and it makes perfect sense to opt for them nowadays, when we must do our best to reduce our carbon footprint. Solar shingles produce green energy to power your house; a partial roof covered in them is enough to cover most of your electricity costs.

    New shingle underlayment

    Shingles are the most visible parts of a roof, therefore building owners focus mostly on them when they plan a roof remodeling project. However, a new synthetic underlayment is also very important for the appearance of the roof, because it ensures strength, durability and moisture resistance, as well as a more polished appearance.