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Bitumen roofing in Dallas, TX is one of the most popular options for homes. These roofing systems from CLC Roofing are known for their durability and longevity. But, just like any roofing material, they can eventually develop issues that require repair.

Here are some common roof repair options for bitumen roofing systems:


Patching is a common repair method for small punctures, tears, or cracks in a bitumen roof. The contractor will clean the damaged area thoroughly to remove any debris or loose material. Then, they will apply a bitumen roof patch or repair compound over the damaged area, ensuring it is smooth and uniform.

Torch-Down Repair

For modified bitumen roofs, torch-down repair is an effective option. It is performed by cutting away the damaged section of the roofing membrane and replacing it with a new piece. The roofer will use a propane torch to heat the new membrane and melt it into place, creating a watertight seal.

Roof Coating

Roof coatings, such as acrylic or elastomeric coatings, can be applied to bitumen roofs to extend their lifespan and provide added protection. Roofing companies start by cleaning the roof surface. Next, they will apply the chosen coating material to seal any small cracks or imperfections.

Gravel Replacement

Bitumen roofs with a gravel surfacing may lose some of their gravel over time. Usually, it is washed away by rain or melting snow. This issue can be fixed by reapplying gravel or aggregate to maintain the roof’s protective layer and UV resistance.