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    With summer quickly approaching, CLC Roofing wants to educate you on the importance of proper roof venitilation. Whether replacing your roof or not, it is important to have the right amount of ventilation for the size of your roof and attic area in your home.


    Excessive heat in your attic causes many problems for the homeowner. First, a hot attic translates into a hot house causing the air conditioning to run more often. In addition, heat in the attic heats up the underside of your roof allowing your shingles to be essentially baked from underneath which can lead to brittle shingles and roofing materials that fails prematurely.


    However, in the winter months, proper roofing ventilation is also important. During the colder months, excessive moisture can build up in the attic area of your home. Keeping ventilation paths opens is key to removing moisture which can condense and cause your insulation to deteriorate. Moisture can also play a role in detoriation of roofing components.


    Year round, ventilation plays an important role in your home’s energy efficiency and roof stability. CLC Roofing understands that you want to save money and protect your largest investment-your home. If you are concerned about the amount of ventilation that your roof has, call CLC Roofing and let us evaluate your current system.


    If proper ventilation is not applied to your home’s roof, some shingle companies will even void their warranty . The shingle manufacturer usually provides recommendations on the proper amount of ventilation required for your roof size to ensure their products work well over time. CLC Roofing adheres to these recommendations at the minimum when replacing a roof ensuring that your home and roof are protected.


    CLC Roofing..helping you protect your most valuable investment-your home!

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